2. Boxing Space

“The difference between the grid as conceptual and the grid as physical is a primary dialectic of architectural language. Is the grid intersection a point of inhabitation, or is it occupied by structure? Or can the column or pier be inhabited, as Le Corbusier among others projected? Is the grid an imaginary limit, centerline, or can it thicken into a member, or warp to express forces?” –The Grid: Form and Process in Architectural Design | Diane Lewis

SUBJECT / With the gardens, we worked with the organization of elements and operations primarily through cataloging and modelling. As we move into Boxing Space, we will focus on the organization of space within a grid of nine-equal squares. Our explorations will be carried out through modelling in foam, chipboard, and wire as well as drafting. In the end, we will have a graphical and modeled description of the way that space is structured within the generic form/space modulations of the box.


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