Project Binder

ARCH 251 – Project Binder Review

ARCH 251 – Digital Documentation

As part of Documentation, each student is required to keep an 8.5″ x 11″ 3-ring binder at their desk as an on-going record of handouts, readings, and work produced during the semester. This will be referred to as your “BINDER” and it is meant to serve as a tool not only for iterative documentation, but also for reflection. The BINDER should contain the following sections:

– Syllabus & Assignment Briefs
– Readings/Collected Images
– Sketchbook Scans
– Meeting Minutes (Each student is required to write no more than 250 words worth of meeting minutes
after each studio pin-up or desk crit)
– Gardening Space: Drawings & Model Iterations
– Boxing Space: Drawing & Model Iterations
– Situating Space: Drawing & Model Iterations

Be selective in the material you choose for the binder. If you made progress or learned from something, put it in your binder. The binder will be reviewed twice during the semester: once after the Midterm Review and once after the Final Review. All scanned or photographed work should have a minimum resolution of 200dpi. All work should be legible and scaled appropriately.


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