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This Thursday, October 24th is the Midterm Review.  In order to prepare for the review, an ARCH251- Final Review Layout has been created.  Each student is allowed one 8′-0″ by 4′-0″ surface.  The pin-up panels will be placed in position the night before the review and your name will be pinned to the surface you will be reviewing at.  You may begin pinning up Thursday at 1pm.  The review will begin promptly at 2pm.

ARCH251- Final Review Layout

Questions to consider for the review include:

1- How is the garden space defined according to mass, surface, and element?
2- What is the sequence of the garden?
3- How do the operations of the models relate to the garden?
4- How is the grid utilized as a framework to begin to define and articulate spatial relationships?
5- How do you define space?
6- What is the role of hierarchy, scale, and material in defining space?
7- How are solid/void, figure/ground relationships articulated in the model?