Tuesday December 3rd: Rhino Drawing + Written Paragraph

A. One (1) plan oblique Rhino drawing of one (1) of the new models you built for today. This drawing should be printed black and white on an 11 x 17. Follow the output/printing process we discussed in class to make sure your drawing fits on an 11 x 17 (See Image Below).

Use the same template as you did for your previous Rhino drawing. Make sure all profile, primary, secondary, hidden, and construction lines are carefully drawn. 

B. One (1) paragraph (MAX. 100 words) printed on an 8.5 x 11 sheet. This paragraph should describe the core concepts and principles you have been exploring through your models and drawings. This writing should help you clarify and organize your ideas and the relationship between Gardening, Boxing and Situating Space. We will continue to refine this paragraph and it will be used as a tool to describe your projects during the final review.

ARCH 251 - Rhino Output


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