Thoughts and Recommendations for your written paragraph: You are NOT designing a building. You are designing a spatial sequence constructed from the material and site relationships you have been modelling and drawing. The way the architects of the Poli House articulate the primary ideas behind their work is very relevant to your own writing and thinking about space. Enjoy!!!!!

Summarized words about this project from its architects:
“A compact and autonomous piece in order to capture at least two things: both the sensation of a
natural podium surrounded by vastness and the morbid and unavoidable sight of the foot of the cliffs. The building functions both as a summer house and a cultural center, an interior to mediate between a very public aspect and a very intimate and informal one. We decided to leave the rooms nameless and functionless. All the service functions are organized  in the perimeter, inside a thick wall.”  – Pezo von Ellrichschausen


ARCH 251 - Poli House 2

ARCH 251 - Poli House 4

ARCH 251 - Poli House


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