Below is the list of deliverables for Tuesday (Nov. 5th)

A- One (1) plan oblique drawing of the solids that have formed your latest void model. This drawing should not only articulate the solid / void relationships that you have been working on. The plan oblique drawing should address the material assembly between foam and chipboard and its resulting spatial implications.

Remember to keep in mind what types of spaces you are making, the relationship of part to whole, and the overall spatial organization of your garden. HOW DO THE SPACES OF YOUR GARDEN WORK ?

B – One (1) printed 8.5 x 11 catalog that articulates the spatial hierarchy of your garden, describing the different types of spaces and their relationships. The catalogs are not busy work they are a method of study that is meant to help you outline your thoughts and evolve your way of modelling and drawing.

C – Written reflection about the implications of combining the taxonomic knowledge you have from Gardening Space with the spatial knowledge you have from Boxing Space. How do the two methods of study come together? What are the significant spatial relationships you have seen in your garden, etc.


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