Now that you have examined your Garden via the String Models, Taxonomic Catalog, Taxonomic Drafted Sketches & Diagram, it is time to continue to develop the narrative you have explored in these studies. Our method of exploration will consist of investigating and constructing a narrative via paper models. The work, as well as the readings you have completed until now, will serve as a base for your continued work.

Click ARCH 251 – Paper Modelling for the project handout.       

Click CORTAZAR-InstructionsOnHowToClimbAStaircase for the reading.

Click on the following links to view Between the Folds and images of paper folding in the Yokohama Port Terminal.

You may only use one (1) sheet of paper per model. Models should be designed and constructed through various operations: CUTTING, FOLDING, UNFOLDING, PEELING, RIPPING, PLEATING, PRESSING, CREASING, SCORING, etc. NO glue, staples, string, or other materials may be added to your single sheet of paper. How can these operations begin to represent the relationships between program, space, and narrative? 


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