Now that you have examined your Garden via the Taxonomic Catalog, Taxonomic Drafted Sketches & Diagram, it is time to explore the Garden via modelling. Our method of exploration will consist of constructing movement & event string models. The work, as well as the readings you have completed until now, will serve as a base for your continued work with your garden.

Click ARCH 251 – String Model 02 for project handout

Click on LINK for String model logic and examples


                                                               One     (1)  updated Taxonomic Catalog

                                                               One     (1)  Taxonomic Drafted Sketch

                                                               Three  (3)  completed String Model

You may only use one type or color of string per model you construct, do NOT combine string types within a single model. Keep in mind you are NOT simply replicating three (3) different models out of various string types. Your decision to use a different type or color MUST remain intentional. You must also carefully consider the type of knots, braiding, and connections you use to construct your models. These models need to be deliberate and precise.

String models should NOT be a representation of what the garden looks like. Your model should start to articulate the complexities you have discovered in your gardens through your taxonomic catalog, drawing studies.

Based on your Taxonomic Studies, model the movements and events you have discovered in your Garden. You will be using string, yarn, twine, etc. to make these concepts physical. When modelling, keep in mind the paths, movements, stops, starts, compressions, exchanges, switches, and other systems (rather than symbols) that create conditions of flow in your garden. How can you begin to represent these systems using the string?


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